Mark Your Calendar
Community Meeting to present Town Center Plan
Aug 23rd | 7:00 PM
Reidville Fire Dept.
District 5 School Board Meeting with Reidville Town Council
Aug 27th | 6:30 PM
Duncan Elementary School

The Vision For Reidville

The Town of Reidville and the community at large has an exciting opportunity to create a Town Center that reflects our common values and goals for our families and their futures.  Spartanburg District Five has decided that they have no future use for the existing Reidville Elementary School property when the new school is completed at Academy Park.  We have a plan to develop the property into a Town Center for the use and enjoyment of all its citizens and the local community.  This property was given to District Five by the community of Reidville and now that the District no longer has a need for the property it should be given back to the Town.  The new elementary school is being built on property that the Town of Reidville gave to the District.  The school board has agreed to allow the Town of Reidville to present a plan for the property at the next School Board meeting on Monday, August 27th.  We need your support in asking them to consider letting the Town of Reidville decide what is best for this community.  Currently, the District plans to auction this special place to the highest bidder.

Below is an email link to the District Five Board of Trustees. Please ask the school board to consider working with Reidville to make this wonderful opportunity a reality for generations to come.

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